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Basic Economic Concepts

The bitter lessons of Brexit

Are economists selfish? Not according to Monopoly

Behavioural economics
Luxury car sales plunge as buyers put off by South Korea’s neon green licence plates

Institutions, marginal thinking
Outlook. Baseball tries to beat the clock to appeal to younger fans

Internet ratings get only three stars from me

Supply and Demand

Orange juice crisis prompts search for alternative fruits

Wall Street turns to ‘solar grazing’ sheep in its push to go green

Legoland and Madame Tussauds owner to roll out surge pricing

Demand shifts, inflation
Introducing the ‘TSwift Lift’

Supply shifts
Russia bombs Ukraine grain silos in ‘barbarian’ attack on food supplies

Price controls
Europe’s airlines clash with Italian premier over planned fare cap

Price controls: elasticity
Pepsi revenue declines after US consumers flinch at higher prices

Taxes and Subsidies

The hidden cost of your supermarket salmon

‘Easier than pensions’: why electric cars are the hot company perk

Ursula von der Leyen calls on EU to subsidise defence production

Video: Could a tax curb meat’s health and environmental problems?

It is time to fix Britain’s broken tax system

Trade and Specialization

EU to hit Chinese electric cars with tariffs of up to 48%

International trade
US sharply raises tariffs on Chinese EVs and semiconductor imports

Are there any steaks left to be discovered?

What the birth of the spreadsheet can teach us about generative AI

Martin Wolf: the world economy’s story remains one of integration

The bitter lessons of Brexit

Comparative advantage, specialization
Adam Posen: ‘Russia and North Korea worked hard to be self-sufficient, it has not turned out well for them’

Costs of Production and Competition

Primacy in pickleball could push Asics over the ‘funish’ line

How hardware is (still) eating the world

Monopolistic competition
Why United Airlines’ huge bet on Newark airport is not paying off 

Amazon & the FTC


The environmental cost of AI

It’s up to governments to declutter space

UK set to push back new recycling scheme amid industry concerns


Economic Indicators

Markets slash bets on rate cuts after US inflation rises to 3.5%

European Central Bank holds interest rates at 4% in contested decision

US inflation eases to 2.4%, according to Federal Reserve’s target index

UK economy slipped into recession in 2023

Companies’ reluctance to roll back price rises poses US inflation risk

Is deflation really China’s next big export?

China’s deflation worsens as economic pressures mount

Should we believe Americans when they say the economy is bad?


Global inflation tracker: see how your country compares on rising prices

UK inflation highest for mortgaged households

US inflation higher than expected in September

How the UK’s radical data revisions shattered its economic narrative

Just blaming wage growth for inflation is misleading and dangerous 

Beyoncé, statistical nightmare

Argentina risks hyperinflation after election giveaways and dollar pledge

Money and Banking

Monetary policy, inflation
US Fed will cut interest rates just once this year, say economists

Zimbabwe launches ‘gold-backed’ currency to replace collapsing dollar

Milei clashes with Argentine province over plans to issue its own currency

Companies rush to take advantage of sharp drop in borrowing costs

Payment systems
Federal Reserve launches real-time payments system in first big upgrade since 1970s

Government debt
US Treasury’s $1tn borrowing drive set to put banks under strain

Cash is no longer king in Japan as use of coins drops sharply

Fiscal Policy

US faces Liz Truss-style market shock as debt soars, warns watchdog

Argentina’s Javier Milei says he doesn’t need congress to save the economy

How Germany’s ‘debt brake’ broke the budget

Housing policy
Economist Kate Barker: ‘To tackle inflation we should put taxes up for the better-off’

Monetary Policy

ECB to rely more on bank lending as it shrinks balance sheet

Switzerland makes surprise cut to interest rates

The risk of premature central bank celebrations on inflation

Is the last mile really the hardest?

Economists see Fed keeping rates at 22-year high until at least July

Yes, the US economy looks resilient now — but that may not last

When presidents lean on Fed chairs, everybody loses

Christine Lagarde: ‘I should have been bolder’

Can corporate America cope with its vast debt pile?

US Federal Reserve holds interest rates at 22-year high

Bets against shekel heap pressure on Israeli central bank

Adapting to a higher-for-longer world

Higher rates for longer are a good thing

ECB raises interest rates to all-time high

Central Banks debate: an ‘high for longer’ substitute for rate rises?

Economic fluctuations, monetary policy, inflation

Interview. John Williams: ‘I don’t have a recession in my forecast. I have pretty slow growth’

Economic Growth

Can Europe’s economy ever hope to rival the US again?

The weakest links in the global economy are on the mend

Declining fertility rates will transform global economy, report says

Long run growth

(Mis)remembering Chile’s military coup

It may not feel like it, but the planet has many reasons to be cheerful

How is the US economy managing to power ahead of Europe?

Nigeria’s economic reforms need to regain momentum

Obesity drugmaker’s expansion raises dominance worries for Denmark

Personal finance

How can we defuse the household debt time bomb?

Late payments rise on US loans tied to inflated pandemic credit scores

Consumers cut back on credit cards as repayment charges hit record high

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