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Sort Your Financial Life Out with Claer Barrett

6 modules over 6 weeks | Self-paced | 100% online

Learn how to make smarter money decisions and supercharge your personal finances in this six-part newsletter series with the FT’s Claer Barrett. From saving and investing to property and pay rises, she’ll inspire you to get more confident with your money.

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Portrait of Claer Barrett, a woman with long wavy hair, wearing a stripy shirt.
‘Claer’s superpower is explaining difficult things about money in ways that anyone can understand.’
Lorraine Kelly CBE
A portrait of Lorraine Kelly CBE, a white woman with long dark hair, wearing a jacket, and smiling at the camera
  • Master budgeting

    Learn how to make a budget, whether building a nest egg or saving for a big life event
  • Practical tools

    Go beyond theory and put things into practice with our calculators, downloadable templates and ‘test yourself’ challenges
  • Conquer jargon

    Understand ISAs, salary sacrifice, pension schemes and all the other financial phrases you’re too busy, scared or worried to ask about
  • Build financial security

    Learn how to make your money work, no matter your life stage or situation
What you'll learn:
  1. Week 1.The start of your financial plan
  2. Week 2.How to be as tax efficient as possible
  3. Week 3.Pay yourself first — but invest yourself next
  4. Week 4.Building your property strategy
  5. Week 5.How to boost your income
  6. Week 6.Managing money with a partner

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